Comparison of API version 1 and API version 2

API v1

API v2

Wheel Size Data
The returning wheel fitment data is the same for both versions of the API
Market - The global automotive market in which the same vehicle has some differences in wheel fitment params.

  • US domestic market (USDM) - key market
  • European domestic market (EUDM) - key market
  • Japanese domestic market (JDM)
  • Southeast Asian Market (SAM)
  • Australian Domestic Market (AUDM)
  • Latin American domestic market (LADM)
  • Middle East Domestic Market (MEDM)
  • Mexican domestic market (MXNDM)
  • South Korean Domestic Market (SKDM)
  • Canadian domestic market (CDM)
  • South African Domestic Market (SADM)
  • Chinese Domestic Market (CHDM)

If you have been unable to find the information on the requested market, try using the car’s details taken from the key markets.

Region - The global automotive region in which the vehicle was officially sold or is currently being sold officially.

Please check this webpage for details

List of regions we cover:
  • USA+ (USDM)
  • Canada (CDM)
  • Mexico (MXNDM)
  • Central & South America (LADM)
  • Europe (EUDM)
  • Russia+ (RUS) -new
  • Japan (JDM)
  • China (CHDM)
  • South Korea (SKDM)
  • Southeast Asia (SAM)
  • Middle East (MEDM)
  • North Africa (NADM) -new
  • South Africa (SADM)
  • Oceania (AUDM)
You can also check what countries are behind the name of region by checking this webpage or using /v2/regions/ API method. All endpoints excluding /v2/search/by_model/ support multiple regions filtering, example: &region=eudm&region=russia&region=jdm&...
Geo Filtering
/upsteps/ API method
Get all possible rim and tire combinations based on pre-fitted original equipment (OE) wheel specs.
Wheel Fitment Calculator is a great demo how you can use it and offer your customers safe replacement options based on factory sizes.
Note All unavailable options on the tire market are filtered out from result. API - The world's largest database of tire information: ratings, professional tire tests, bestseller lists. Summary of each tire model. See OpenAPI Specification

  • /v2/tires/benchmarks/tests/ - Get list - Professional tire tests and rankings. See the list on the website
  • /v2/tires/benchmarks/charts/ - Get list - Third-party tire ratings, bestsellers and top lists. See the list on the website
  • /v2/tires/benchmarks/{benchmark_slug}/ - Detailed information for the test or top-chart. See the example on the website
  • /v2/tires/catalog/ - Tire brands catalog
  • /v2/tires/catalog/{brand}/ - Tires catalog for specific brand
  • /v2/tires/catalog/{brand}/{product}/ - General information of the tire
  • /v2/tires/catalog/{brand}/{product}/modes/ - Tire modifications. See the example on the website
  • /v2/tires/catalog/{brand}/{product}/bnb/ - Reasons to buy or not to buy the tire. See the example on the website
  • /v2/tires/catalog/{brand}/{product}/materials/ - Materials (videos, articles, links) related to the tire. See the example on the website
  • /v2/tires/search/ Search for tires by query
  • /v2/tires/search/advanced/ Search for tires using advanced filters
Improved performance
Meta information in responses
Using for SEO
See details how you can use Wheel Fitment API for SEO.
API methods inheritance /v1/makes/ =>
/v1/models/ =>
/v1/years/ =>
/v1/trims/ =>
/v1/generations/ =>
/v1/search/by_model/, /v1/vehicles/ =>
/v1/search/by_tire/ =>
/v1/search/by_rim/ =>

/v2/regions/ - new

Deprecation notice

Wheel Fitment API version 1 is deprecated effective November 1, 2021

Wheel Size is deprecating all API's version 1 APIs to make way for more usable and maintainable alternatives in version 2. We heard from many of you that consistency was lacking with /v1/ of Wheel Fitment's API, and we're focusing on delivering a more consistent experience with this update. With more exciting changes to come, you can expect more thoughtful design and uniformity moving forward.
With that in mind, as of November 1, 2021 the Wheel Fitment version 1 API is deprecated, and in accordance with the our REST API policy, all version 1 APIs will be removed on July 1, 2023.

What will happen if I do nothing?

Since the /v1/ APIs were removed, any apps or services still using 1.0 resources will not work. If you rely on a script, integration, or app that makes requests using /v1/ resources, you'll need to update it to use a /v2/ alternative as soon as possible.

We Want Your Feedback

There are many improvements we plan on implementing in the near-term. We want you to tell us how we can make our RESTful API experience better - just email us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

OpenAPI specification
Specify settings

Note: the term “region” means a global automotive region in which the vehicle was officially sold or is currently being sold officially. Example: if you select the Middle East, the list of manufacturers, models will be provided only for this region, which are present in this region.

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