Terms of Usage
  • You may not use the API Subscription as a basis for any competing business, including a website or application that would be considered competition or is similar in nature to wheel-size.com whether created by you or by a third-party.
  • It is not allowed to parse/grab wheel-size.com database through API usage (You may not separately extract and provide or otherwise use data elements from the developer.wheel-size.com Data to enhance the data files of third parties.)
  • The API is in no way available for resale.
  • We reserve the right to block and disable any user of the developer.wheel-size.com API service for any reason we see fit - this includes abusing these terms and conditions, generating unnecessary load (out of limits or pricing plan) to the service and therefore effecting others.
  • You agree to keep your API key confidential, and not to share it with any third party.
  • This license is personal to you, and any affiliates must seek and obtain their own license and API key.
  • All Search API calls must be initiated by real people (users of your website, application users and etc). They cannot be initiated by search robots, crawlers, spiders and parsing scripts.
  • Every subscription of Wheel Fitment API permits the utilization of the API across all the websites operated by the company.
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Additional Terms of Usage for the Wheel Configurator API
  • The EVOX logo on all images must not be removed, as it signifies our partnership with EVOX.
  • The Wheel Configurator API method (../fit/), responsible for generating an image of the Configurator Template (vehicle) with a specified rim, should only be initiated by actual users, such as visitors to your website or users of your application. This process should not be initiated by search robots, crawlers, spiders, or parsing scripts.
  • Each subscription covers the use of the API on one website or application. If you need to use it on more platforms, you'll need additional subscriptions.

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