I have some problems with selecting cars from our website through your api. Sometimes they just timeout for cars like BMW and Audi.

An easy and convenient way to reduce the bandwidth and response time needed for each request is to enable gzip compression. In order to receive a gzip-encoded response you must do the following thing: Set an Accept-Encoding header: Accept-Encoding: gzip

Do you have wheel fitment data for my country?

Wheel-Size.com provides frequently maintained data for all 14 global regions including yours. Please check the complete list of regions and related countries.

I am from Canada. How should I use your region settings?
We recommend using the following regions in the filters: Canada, USA+, Europe (optional)
I am from Russia. How should I use your region settings?
We recommend using the following regions in filters: Russia+, Europe, USA+, Japan, China (optional)
I am from Israel. How should I use your region settings?
We recommend using the following regions in filters: Middle East, Europe, USA+ (optional)
How can I copy your entire database or get CSV/SQL file?

Sorry, we do not provide databases to our customers in such formats. Please see our Terms of Usage

How can we use this subscription?

You can use it for e-commerce.

How can I trust your data and your service?
  • Our database is updated on a daily basis
  • All information is added manually after careful verification
  • The Uptime of our API service for the last 2 years (2021-2020) was 99.98% (downtime/unavailability Yearly: 1h 45m) You can subscribe to updates of our API Status Page and get email notifications whenever Wheel Size API creates, updates or resolves an incident.
  • Our service availability and performance is constantly monitored from over 30+ locations around the world
  • We use modern stack of technologies and the best service platforms on the market: Amazon AWS, 3scale by Red Hat. See our technology stack for details
I do not want to migrate from API v1 to v2. What will happen if I do nothing?

If you’re already integrated with Wheel Size’s existing API v1, there is nothing to worry about so far! We’ll continue to offer support until July 1, 2023.
After the /v1/ APIs are removed, any apps or services still using /v1/ resources will stop working. If you rely on a script, integration, or app that makes requests using /v1/ resources, you'll need to update it to use the /v2/ alternative as soon as possible.

How can I migrate from API /v1/ to API /v2/?
If you are already our customer, you need to update your integration part according to our documentation. You can use the demos as an example.
How can I upgrade / downgrade my API plan?

Please feel free to send us an email

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your account anytime by contacting our Support Team or do it in your Paypal account.

How frequently am I billed?

All subscription plans are billed on a yearly basis.

Can I test Wheel Fitment API before buying it?

Yes. Test your application by creating a Sandbox account. The sandbox functions like our production environment.

How can I make a payment for your services?

Please use the following link. We use Paypal for payments only. All credit card activity and information is handled by our third-party provider, Paypal. See Paypal`s Terms and Services. You can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express to make PayPal payments.

How can I use your API for SEO?
Please check this article for details
Do you provide plugins / modules for WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Bitrix and other CMS?

Sorry, we do not provide them currently.

Do you provide Client SDK (API Client Library) for PHP / Ruby / Python / Java / Node.js for API v2?
Sorry, but we do not provide it currently. You can generate it by yourself using SwaggerHub and our OpenAPI Specification in a few clicks
I just signed up using your form, but my account is inactive.

Please note that all registrations are moderated. Therefore, please use real data for the names and descriptions of the application. Moderation can take up to 2-3 hours.

My quota for today is over. What should I do?
Your API will be resumed at 0:00 GMT. The counter will be reset.

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Note: the term “region” means a global automotive region in which the vehicle was officially sold or is currently being sold officially. Example: if you select the Middle East, the list of manufacturers, models will be provided only for this region, which are present in this region.

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