How can I use Wheel Size API for SEO
In the previous version of API v1, we had a complete ban on parsing data through our API. When we see that someone massively initiates a huge number of API requests, our system will automatically disable the client's API key.
In the new version of the API, we have changed this point. We've split some of our API methods into Cataloging methods and Search methods.

Cataloging API methods:
  • /makes/
  • /models/
  • /years/
  • /generations/
  • /modifications/
Search API methods:
  • /search/by_models/
  • /by_rim/search/
  • /by_rim/search/modifications/
  • /by_tire/search/
  • /by_tire/search/modifications/
  • /by_hf_tire/search/
  • /by_hf_tire/search/modifications/
In API v2, you can use the Сataloging API methods as you need within the limits of your plan and save the response of all these API methods locally. Such data can be used on your website for SEO purposes without any problems. Since we are constantly making changes and additions to the database, we recommend repeating this procedure periodically. But this does not apply to Search API methods.

Important! All Search API methods must be initiated by real people (your site users, application users, etc.). They cannot be initiated by search robots, crawlers, spiders and parsing scripts.

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Note: the term “region” means a global automotive region in which the vehicle was officially sold or is currently being sold officially. Example: if you select the Middle East, the list of manufacturers, models will be provided only for this region, which are present in this region.

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