Wheel Fitment API Plans

Get started with the free Sandbox plan. When the integration is complete and tested, you can upgrade to the paid plan through the API Developer portal.

  • Sandbox

    • Testing Only
    • 300 hits/daily
      • 100 hits per hour
  • Basic

    450 per year
    • Production
    • 5 000 hits / daily
    • /upsteps/ API method
  • Business

    750 USD per year
    • Production
    • 30 000 hits / daily
    • /upsteps/ API method
    • Access to Tiresvote.com REST APIs
    • The /search/by_model/ API method permits a maximum of 15,000 hits per day within the daily quota.
  • Premium

    2000 USD per year
    • Production
    • 150 000 hits / daily
    • /upsteps/ API method
    • Access to Tiresvote.com REST APIs
    • The /search/by_model/ API method permits a maximum of 50,000 hits per day within the daily quota.
  • Wheel Configurator

    1570 USD per year
    • All features of Business plan
    • 40 000 hits / daily
    • Access to Wheel Configurator REST APIs
    • Each subscription covers usage for a single website or app. Each additional website or app will incur a fee of $800 USD.
    • The /fit/ API method comes with a restriction of 5,000 requests per day within the daily quota, a limit which can be increased free of charge upon request.
  • How should I choose my API plan?

    Two critical factors to consider when selecting an API plan are your daily website or application traffic and the specific usage scenario (for instance, a form for locating tire sizes by car model). As per our experience, approximately 70% of our clients, typically local commercial websites retailing tires and wheels, utilize fewer than 1,000 requests daily. Such websites generally see up to 500 visitors each day.

    These sites often feature a search form for determining tire and wheel sizes by car model, exemplified by Demo #2. An average search involves 4–5 API hits (brand selection, model selection, year/generation and modification selection, as well as the search itself). Therefore, 1,000 queries should suffice for at least 200 such search operations. In the latest version of our API, we have enabled response caching for Cataloging API methods, potentially allowing for 2–3 times more similar searches and conserving your daily quota.

    We also have several other potential use scenarios for our API, as demonstrated in the following pages:
    Demo #1 - Retrieve wheel sizes by car model using our wizard
    Demo #3
    Demo #4 - Enhance your product wheel card with a list of fitting car models
    Wheel Size mobile app
    Tire calculator

    Each scenario presents its unique attributes. We advise calculating your needs based on your specific situation and then choosing the suitable API plan. Also, you can always upgrade to a higher plan as your business expands.

  • What happens if I exceed my daily quota?

    In case your daily quota is surpassed, all subsequent requests will return an empty response along with the relevant status code. The functionality of the API key will be reinstated at the start of a new day.

  • Still need more?

    For large-scale enterprises, we also offer bulk wheel size data in the format that suits your needs. We can provide a tailor-made commercial license that permits your business to host our API service and data on your own servers, including regular updates.

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