Wheel Fitment API Plans

Get started with the free Sandbox plan. When the integration is complete and tested, you can upgrade to the paid plan through the API Developer portal.

What API plan should I choose?

Two key parameters that you should take into account are the daily traffic to your website or application and the scenario of how you are going to use it (for example, a form for finding tire sizes by car model)

As practice shows, about 70% of our customers — usually local commercial websites selling tires and wheels — use less than 1000 requests per day. Such websites are usually visited by up to 500 people per day.

These websites usually have a search form for tire and wheel sizes by car model. You can see an example of such a form on  Demo #2. An average search takes 4–5 API hits (brand selection, model selection, year / generation and modification selection, as well as the search itself)

Thus, we can say that 1000 queries will be enough for at least 200 such search operations. In the new version of the API, we allow caching of responses to Cataloging API methods. This will allow you to do 2–3 times more similar searches and “save” you your daily quota.

There are also several other possible scenarios for using our API, examples of which you can see on the following pages:
— Demo #1 - Get wheel sizes by car model using our wizard (some pages can be in the sitemap and visited by search bots)
— Demo #3
— Demo #4 - Enrich your product wheel card with a list of car models that fit this wheel (similar to how it is done on eBay, Amazon and etc.)
— Wheel Size mobile app
— Tire calculator
Each of them is unique in its own way and we recommend approximately calculating your needs based on your specific situation and choose the desired API plan.

Moreover, it is always possible to upgrade to the best plan as your business grows.

What if I exceed my daily quota?
If your daily quota is exceeded, all your subsequent requests will return an empty response with the corresponding status code. The functionality of the API key will be restored with the beginning of a new day
Still need more?
For large enterprise companies, we can also deliver bulk wheel size data in the format you need.
We can arrange for a customized commercial license that allows your business to host API service and data on your own servers with regular updates.

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