Q: What is the Wheel Configurator API?
A: The Wheel Configurator API is a tool that allows users to visualize wheel and tire upgrades on vehicles. It can be integrated into any website or application to enhance customer experience and drive sales.
Q: How does the Wheel Configurator API work?
A: The API works by accessing our expansive database of vehicles and wheel fitment data. Customers can select their vehicle model and view different wheel options directly on it.
Q: What are the limitations regarding subscriptions for the Wheel Configurator API?
A: Each subscription is limited to one website or application. If you wish to use the Wheel Configurator API on multiple websites or applications, you will need to purchase a separate subscription for each. For example, to use the API on two websites, you would need to buy two subscriptions.
Q: What is EVOX and why do you use their images?
A: EVOX or EVOX Images® is a leading provider of high-quality automotive images with a focus on VR and 360-degree imagery. We use their images because they offer the most comprehensive database of consistent and high-quality vehicle content, ensuring a true-to-life visualization for our Wheel Configurator API.
Q: I noticed the EVOX logo on the bottom right corner of every image. Can it be removed?
A: The EVOX logo represents our partnership with EVOX and is a requirement as part of our agreement. It's placed subtly at the bottom right corner of every image and cannot be removed. We appreciate your understanding.
Q: What vehicles are covered by the Wheel Configurator API?
A: Our API covers U.S. & Canadian vehicle applications since 2004 and EU vehicle applications since 2019. The data is updated daily from EVOX.

Q: How can we use this subscription?
A: You can use it for e-commerce.
Q: What is the legal aspect of using EVOX images in the Wheel Configurator API?
A: We have entered into an official partnership with EVOX, a leading provider of automotive imagery. This partnership allows us to incorporate their high-quality vehicle images into our Wheel Configurator API. It's a legally approved agreement, which ensures you're accessing authentic and authorized images.
Q: Do you share data with EVOX?
A: As part of our agreement with EVOX, we're obliged to share monthly data about the websites (URLs) and mobile applications where our Wheel Configurator API is utilized. This helps ensure compliance and the accurate tracking of API usage.
Q: How can current subscribers of the Wheel Fitment API upgrade to include the Wheel Configurator API?
A: Current subscribers can request an upgrade by emailing us at info@wheel-size.com. We will respond with an invoice via PayPal for the additional services.
Q: Can I use the Wheel Configurator API without subscribing to the Wheel Fitment API?
A: No, the Wheel Configurator API as a part of Wheel Fitment API is only available to those who subscribe to our Business Plan. This is to ensure that our users are provided with a comprehensive suite of tools for optimal utilization. If you're an active subscriber, you're eligible to use the new API.
Q: What are the requirements for rim images in the Wheel Configurator API?

A: For optimal results, please adhere to the following guidelines for rim images:

  1. Orientation: The rim should be slightly turned to the side, as this gives a more realistic view when overlaid on vehicle images.

  2. File Size: The image size should not exceed 1 MB. Keeping your image file size within this limit ensures efficient processing and faster results.

  3. Image Dimensions: The image dimensions should not exceed 2000 pixels in width or height. On the lower side, both width and height should be at least 250 pixels. This balance ensures that your images maintain a high level of detail without compromising on performance.

  4. Background: You can use any background for your rim images. However, a transparent background is preferred as it makes the integration into the vehicle image smoother and faster.

Adhering to these guidelines ensures that you get the best possible visual results from the Wheel Configurator API.

Q: What can I do if I don't see the vehicle that I need in the database?

A: If you're unable to find a specific vehicle within our database, we encourage you to reach out to us at info@wheel-size.com. We'll do our best to accommodate your request and aim to add the needed vehicle soon.

Our vehicle imagery is primarily based on the EVOX database. However, we also supplement this with custom, manually added vehicle images to ensure broad coverage. Here's a comparison of the two:

EVOX Images:

  • Dimensions: 1600x900 pixels.
  • Colors: Reflects Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) vehicle colors.

Manual Images:

  • Dimensions: 1200x675 pixels.
  • Colors: A wider variety of colors are available, not just limited to OEM options.

By combining these two sources, we aim to provide comprehensive vehicle coverage in our Wheel Configurator API.

Q: : What is the regional coverage of the vehicles in the Wheel Configurator API?

A: Our Wheel Configurator API boasts extensive global coverage, particularly focusing on key automotive markets. Here is a detailed breakdown of our regional coverage:

1. U.S. & Canadian Vehicle Applications (since 2004):

  • Source: Updated using EVOX data.
  • Features: Includes OE list of colors and color codes for every vehicle.
  • Image Dimensions: 1600x900 pixels.

2. EU Vehicle Applications (since 2019):

  • Source: Updated using EVOX data.
  • Features: Includes OE list of colors and color codes for every vehicle.
  • Image Dimensions: 1600x900 pixels.

3. EU (vehicles until 2019), Middle East, Russia, Australia, Japan, China, South Korea and etc: We provide two types of coverage for these regions:

a. EVOX vehicles common with the US market: These are vehicles available both in the specified region and in the USA.

b. Manually Added Vehicles: These vehicles are added manually from open sources, allowing for custom color options. Image Dimensions for these vehicles are 1200x675 pixels.

We continually strive to expand our vehicle database to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date coverage possible.

Q: How can I improve the performance and speed of image generation with the Wheel Configurator API?
A: Here are three moments to optimize the speed of image generation:
  1. Submit images of rims on a transparent background. This allows our system to skip the step of clearing the background, which is a task that typically takes some time for our neural network.
  2. Aim to use rim images that are about 150-500Kb per image. This size range allows for quicker data transmission and faster upload times to the server.
  3. Kindly note that our neural networks only perform an initial check on the rim image. For any subsequent uses of the same image, this check is conducted automatically, significantly improving the speed of composite image generation. Therefore, the time taken to generate the composite image during its first instance will be approximately twice as long compared to all subsequent instances utilizing the same rim image.
Q: What are the terms of usage for the Wheel Configurator API?
A: The full details of our usage terms can be found at Terms of Usage webpage. Here are the key points to note:

  • The EVOX logo on all images must not be removed, as it signifies our partnership with EVOX.
  • All Wheel Configurator API calls must be initiated by real users, such as visitors on your website or application users. API calls should not be initiated by search robots, crawlers, spiders, or parsing scripts.
  • Each subscription covers the use of the API on one website or application. If you need to use it on more platforms, you'll need additional subscriptions.

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